Do you find yourself frustrated at work because you can’t stand being slowed down by bureaucracy or being told, “we’ve never done it that way before”? Do you find yourself rocking the boat and ruffling feathers? You might be an “intrapreneur”: an entrepreneur working in a corporate environment. Our guest this week thinks you deserve more love!

In this episode, Chitra shares:

  • What intrapreneurship is and why it matters
  • How the power has shifted to the consumer in the digital economy
  • Business PR strategies that individuals can use to better tell their story
  • The story of her decision about whether or not to disclose her pregnancy during a major hiring process
  • How she dealt with being told she wasn’t well liked, but was very well respected
  • Why she thinks failure isn’t a dirty word, and how social media creates great opportunity in failure
  • Why she feels that hard work sometimes doesn’t actually pay off
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