Thirteen gold medals. Twelve world records. One leg. An ad campaign once told the world: “She doesn’t want your sympathy. But her opponents might.” In this episode, Hall of Fame swimmer Stephanie Dixon reveals that for part of her life, her toughest opponents were her own feelings of insecurity and fear. Do not miss the story of the serious ass kicking those opponents have received.

In this episode, Stephanie shares:

  • Her thoughts on the value of passion, gratitude and kindness
  • The remarkable story of the only two people who didn’t panic on the day she was born.
  • How she went from celebrating her uniqueness to becoming profoundly insecure about her disability
  • The paradox of having people both feel sorry for her and see her as an inspiration for no good reason
  • Why she feels “talent is nothing to be proud of”
  • Why she didn’t share her victories when she returned from her first Paralympics
  • How one of the greatest achievements in her life has nothing to do with athletics
  • How we all wear some sort of prosthetic leg
  • The story of her next tattoo, and why it symbolizes the most important relationship in anyone’s life
  • Why we should all be selfish
  • Why she didn’t thank her family and friends in her Hall of Fame induction speech

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