Imagine that one day you’re preparing for your first TEDx talk, the organization you founded is being featured in Forbes, and you’ve been named one of “Canada’s Most Powerful Women”.  The next day, you’re forced to sit in the dark – a head injury making almost any stimuli unbearable. Now imagine that “next day” stretched on for months, then years, without the improvement you were told to expect. That’s the reality faced by Kanika Gupta. In this week’s episode, she shares her unique story of a life filled with redefinitions. 

In this episode, Kanika shares:

  • The story of how she went from preparing for her first TEDx talk to spending weeks in a dark room, unable to take in new information or process new stimuli.
  • The challenge of living with an “invisible injury”, and dealing with well-intentioned people being unable to understand or relate to her experience.
  • The process by which her identity was disconnected from what she did for a living, and was replaced with a better understanding of who she was as a person.
  • Her insight on what people are really looking for when they’re going through something incredibly difficult and painful.
  • Why she thinks “goals are toxic.”
  • What she would tell herself on “Day One” after her injury.
  • Whether she’s angry about what happened.
  • Her reaction to the “Edge of the Bed” advice she provided almost four years ago.
  • Why she isn’t a big fan of Drew’s daily questions.

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