Filming the first installment of his online leadership series in Las Vegas, Drew Dudley walks us through the value of perseverance, resilience and moving forward in a post-election America.

This week’s values:

1) Perseverance

A commitment to overcoming obstacles and enduring discomfort.

Questions that operationalize “perseverance:”

  • How did I keep stepping instead of stopping today?

2) Resilience

A commitment to recovering from setbacks and building and maintaining momentum.

Questions that operationalize “resilience:”

  • What did I do today to honour my commitment to be okay?
  • What did I do today to make ‘it’ just a little bit better?

In this video, Drew:

  • Discusses his response upon learning the results of the US election after a long flight
  • Examines the similar challenges presented by democracy and values-based decision making
  • Shares his problem with the candidates in most elections
  • Defines two key values he feels will be necessary over the next four years, and provides key questions to help you live them
  • Provides an important revision to an assertion he made in the vlog
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