From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Drew Dudley reflects on arguably the most important document in American history: the Declaration of Independence; a document that states “all men are created equal [and when I meet Thomas Jefferson, I’m ‘a compel him to include women in the sequel!]” Drew explains that the founding fathers didn’t represent America as it was, or as it is, but as it should be. That is the vision we have bought into, so how do we create something that works for everyone?

This week’s values:


A commitment to creating and sharing idealized versions.

Questions that operationalize “vision:”

  • What did I do today to remind someone how things should be?

In this video, Drew:

  • Reflects on what he thinks is the true genius of the US founding fathers
  • Examines what vision is and what it isn’t
  • Outlines the connection that has to exist between vision and decision making
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