From Dallas, Texas, Drew Dudley reflects on the value of gratitude after attending, “This Year’s Evolutions” hosted by Blake Fly. As we start to think about the year ahead, your New Year’s resolutions shouldn’t just pin-point “what went wrong.” Instead, we should also ask ourselves, “what made us feel good, empowered and the person we want to be?”

This week’s values:


A commitment to honour the good, the bad, and the ugly in your life for the person they help you become. 

Questions that operationalize “gratitude:”

  • What did I do today to say “thank you”?

In this video, Drew:

  • Shares how a friend changed the way he looks at New Year’s Resolutions
  • Provides a couple of great exercises you should do before the year comes to a close
  • Shares two profound insights he heard at an event this week, and why he now loves the term “love acid”.
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