Patricia Wilson was the catalyst for one of the most viral stories in history when she helped transform San Francisco into Gotham City to make a 5-year-old with leukemia’s wish to be “BatKid” come true. In this week’s episode, Patricia shares the inside story of that remarkable day, and what it’s like to learn Julia Roberts will play her in the movie version! 

In this episode, Stephanie shares:

  • How she became an “accidental CEO”
  • What it’s like to make a career out of granting children wishes
  • Why you “don’t say no to Patricia”
  • The biggest lessons she learned from the “Batkid” experience
  • Strategies for creating remarkable teams
  • How she earned (and has embraced) her nickname: “The B.I.C.”
  • Her core value of “contagious goodness”

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